Our Story

Nestled in the Heart of the Emerald Triangle, you’ll find Aloha Humboldt. An estate family farm committed to sustainable farming practices and maintaining the highest quality standards. We cultivate premium craft cannabis to bring you the Aloha state of mind.

Cultivating an Aloha State of Mind


Aloha State Of Mind

Aloha is Hawaiian for love, affection, peace, and compassion. We bring an ‘Aloha State of Mind’ to the masses.


Sustainable Practices

We champion sustainable practices for the good of our community, our consumer, the sacred Cannabis plant, and the environment.


Small Farms

Our permitted family farm is dedicated to promoting the legacy of small farms that Humboldt County has become known for and the community it has built.


I got the chance to try the Sour Diesel Nasha pre roll. It tasted and felt amazing. Totally settled my stomach after eating fast and eased anxiety before I went to show my work in an art show. Thank you!


-Ashleigh Castro, Writer, Dope Magazine

Our Products

Our top shelf, all-flower cones are made with cannabis that’s been kissed by the sun and grown using sustainable methods. You’ll taste the smooth difference. All of our flowers are grown with love, so you can relax and enjoy the aloha state of mind!